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  Synergia - Facts  

Synergia are Mr. Stasa Cvetkovic and Mrs. Djurdjina Cvetkovic-Djurovic, two dedicated researchers from Novi Sad, Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia.

Our associate and part time co-worker, Mrs. Juliana Butter lives in Thessalonica, Greece.

Developed net of part time co-workers.

  Our Genealogy and Other Activities

We mainly cover today territories of (Serbian part of) Banat, Backa, Srem or Srijem, and Serbia. Some of the historical names of the areas we are covering: Torontál, Temes, Timis, Batschka, Bács-Bodrog, Syrmien, Szerém.

Our genealogy activities cover the following nations and confessions: Danube Germans Donauschwaben, Podunavski Nemci), Serbs, Romanians, Slovaks, Rusyns (Ruthenians), Hungarians, Croats, Jews and others. More about our other activites at our Services page.

Religions: Serbian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Greek-Catholic, Roman Catholic, various Protestant denominations, Jews and other.

  Our Way

Free preliminary reports (FPR) for our prospective clients.

Easy access to the local, regional and national institutions, institutes, archives, libraries and church sources.

Knowledge of local circumstances gives us an edge in providing the effective solutions in all aspects of our working range.

Custom tailored services.