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Dear friends and fellow researchers,

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey through the ancestral lands! This September 2024, we're setting off on a new Banat Tour after six years!

Join us for 18 days of camaraderie, learning, and sightseeing, starting in Frankfurt and traveling through Lorraine, the Palatinate, Sindelfingen, Ulm, Schildgebirge, Budapest, and on to the Serbian and Romanian Banat, Bačka, and back via Vienna (tentative itinerary).

We’ll travel in a brand-new luxury Mercedes mini-bus with space for just 18 travelers. We’ll make sure to include every place you wish to visit in our itinerary.

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Staša Cvetković

Introducing Synergia: Your Family History Research Team

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Synergia is a collaboration between Mr. Staša Cvetković and Mr. Darko Tenjović, passionate researchers of family history, based in Novi Sad, within the Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. Alongside a team of part-time collaborators across the region, we delve into genealogy with dedication.

Benefiting from easy access to local, regional, and national institutions, as well as archives, libraries, registry service, parishes, museums and other vital sources, we are equipped to offer comprehensive solutions across our field of expertise.

With our various activities, we primarily cover Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and other Southeastern European countries. This historically rich region has undergone significant changes over the centuries. We take pride in navigating through one of the most challenging genealogical areas in the world, leveraging our expertise and firsthand knowledge of the region.

Mr. Staša Cvetković and Mr. Darko Tenjović

Our favorite Genealogy Quote

“Climbing the family tree can reveal fascinating branches.”

Alex Haley

Our Services

Genealogy Investigations

Staša Cvetković is an experienced researcher with 20 years in the field (the agency was established in 2004), boasting over 1.500 successfully completed genealogy investigations for our mostly international clients, individuals, and companies.

We have successfully collaborated on dozens of cases with the leaders in genealogy investigations, AncestryProGenealogists, for more than a decade, and our collaboration continues to this day.

Genealogy Investigations - Botosani Archive RO
Heritage Tours in Budapest 2018

Heritage Tours

Aside from genealogy research, Synergia successfully organizes Ancestral (Heritage) tours, having guided thousands of individuals and groups of various sizes to their ancestral places.

No matter the size of your group, we have the perfect itinerary for you:

Heir Research

Heir research is one of our important activities, too. Synergia specializes in genealogical research to locate and document beneficiaries and heirs for probate and other legal matters. Our clients include executors, court-appointed administrators, trustees, fiduciary agents, banks, trust officers, law firms, and other interested parties.

We operate on an hourly fee basis and do not accept cases on a contingency basis.

Family tree - Heir research
Dual citizenship

Serbian and Hungarian Citizenship assistance and research

Synergia also offers Serbian and Hungarian Citizenship assistance and research. Before the engagement, we recommend online consultation, at a fixed price of 50 EUR per 60 minutes session.

Our Services:

Our References

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience working with us. Our references provide firsthand insights into the quality of our services and the value we bring to our clients’ projects. Read on to learn why our clients trust us to deliver exceptional results.

We hired Stasa to guide us in Apatin, the birthplace of our father. He provided outstanding service and knowledge of the area. Stasa committed himself to our needs and was available whenever necessary. He is an excellent interpreter. Our trip would have been almost impossible without him. All of this at a reasonable cost!

James and Jack Utrie

Madison WI, USA

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