Embark on a unique journey to explore your ancestry and delve into your family’s rich history with our exclusive
heritage tours!

Begin crafting your heritage tour experience today!

With a specialization in ancestral tours throughout Southeast Europe, including Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beyond, we offer a personalized experience unlike any other.

For two decades, we have been crafting bespoke trips tailored to various groups, from individuals and families to larger groups of up to 20 people. Throughout this time, we’ve had the privilege of personally guiding thousands of travelers through the region, helping them connect with their roots and uncover the stories of their ancestors.

Tailored heritage tours

Customized experiences for every size

No matter the size of your group, we have the perfect itinerary for you. Each of our tours is meticulously customized to meet your unique interests, ensuring an unforgettable journey that resonates with your family’s heritage.

Personalized heritage tours for families, individuals, small groups (1-8 persons)

Fully customized service

Waiting at the airport or other point of arrival, around-the-clock availability, driving service – transportation by agency car, translation and interpreting services, hotel and restaurant booking on behalf of the visitors, professional guiding with historical highlights, arranging visits to ancestral birthplaces, churches, cemeteries, museums, galleries, historical sights, and any other places of interest, providing adequate nutrition during the visit for visitors with special dietary needs and fast access to medical care institutions.

Catering to groups ranging from 8 to 20 individuals

These groups, often comprising town associations or interest groups, may already have prearranged itineraries and activities. While we can manage their logistics, we also enhance their journey by arranging additional features such as side trips, cultural experiences, workshops, and other engaging activities.

Our traditional tours cater to the Donauschwaben community, focusing on the regions once inhabited by this ethnic group. Building upon the legacy
of the Zichydorf Village Association’s tours led by Mr. Glenn Schwartz and Mr. Ray Borschowa until 2016, these group experiences complement rather
than detract from the personal goals of participants. Typically occurring once or twice a year, our tailored solutions ensure a seamless blend of group dynamics and individual interests.

Drawing on our expertise in genealogy, history, and local culture, an ancestral home visit with Synergia may include the following (subject to availability):

If you are planning a trip to your ancestral region, the following information will help us assist you with your visit:

  •  Exact or approximate dates of your travel
  • Regions and specific places you intend to visit
  • Number of tour members, including children
  • Information about your flight bookings (arrival/departure points) if available
  • Local accommodation plans, and whether you will be renting a car or need assistance with local transportation

Note: Providing all the information listed above is not mandatory to start your investigation or trip planning. The most important step is to initiate correspondence, regardless of how much initial information you have! 

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